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12 Quotes About Travel from Famous Literary Authors

Just wanted to share a few inspirational quotes this week to do with travel. These pretty much sum up the way I feel. As I’m a writer as well as a traveller I took inspiration from some of my favourite authors and literary figures. Hope you enjoy. Quotes sourced from : and Thanks for reading […]

Ailies adventures 8 hours in London

8 Hours in London (and the Elvis Exhibition)

We had a recent stopover in London, so decided to make the most of our time, and do some exploring! Here’s how we spent our eight hours in London. 9:00am Hopped onto the Stansted Express which takes 50 minutes to get into the centre of London. If you book more than a month in advance […]

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How to Avoid Airport Stress

Most of my previous blog posts have been all about travel, and some of the amazing destinations I’ve visited. However, almost every time I go anywhere I’ve observed the strange phenomena of airport psychopaths. Anyone else who has travelled will know what I mean – people shouting at staff members, pushing in front of queues, […]

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Poland – Krakow / Auschwitz

We went to Krakow in southern Poland back in 2013 and weren’t really sure what to expect. The trip had been a Christmas present from my Mum, and I’m so glad she chose it for us, as it’s probably a destination we would never have picked on our own. We arrived to find a  beautiful city […]

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Bled, Slovenia – October 2014

We were travelling onto Slovenia directly from Naples, Italy (which you can read here.) When we first arranged our trip we didn’t realise that there were no direct flights or trains from Italy into Slovenia, which made things a bit more complicated. After carrying out extensive research online, we found that the least expensive way […]

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Naples, Italy – October 2014

Naples on a budget – October 2014 This is a summary of what we did in the Italian city of Naples in October 2014. I had been desperate to visit Italy for a while, and got a little bit too eager on the phone to the tour company. I jumped right in and booked the […]

Ailies Adventures West Highland Way Glencoe

West Highland Way 2014 – Review and Conclusions

WEST HIGHLAND WAY This post is basically just to sum up our overall experience on the West Highland Way, and to offer some tips and advice for anyone who is thinking about trying the Way in future. I’ve broken this down into ten points, some are just reflections on our own experience, and some include […]

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WHW 2014 Day 7 – Kinlochleven to Fort William

Day 7 – Kinlochleven to Fort William We woke up with mixed feelings this morning – excited that this was our last day and we were almost finished the walk; but at the same time felt a little bit sad that it was all going to be over. We’d had such an amazing time this […]

ailies adventures west highland way kingshouse to kinlochleven

WHW 2014 Day 6 – Kingshouse to Kinlochleven

Day 6 – Kingshouse to Kinlochleven Just a short day’s walk today – a mere 8 miles, which was a relief as my feet were still killing me from yesterday’s 20-miler. We still had the notorious Devil’s Staircase to climb though, so it wasn’t going to be an easy day by any means. We set […]

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WHW 2014 Day 5 – Tyndrum to Kingshouse

Day 5 – Tyndrum to Kingshouse I was quite nervous about today’s walk we had been averaging around 14-15 miles per day, but today’s walk was going to be 20 miles –  eek! We thought we’d better stock up on Compeed and painkillers, and someone had given us a tip to avoid the Green Welly […]